Get the shirt. Save the world.

At CharlieChina we produce stunning super-soft, baby-knit unisex shirts made from 100% cotton.

Our mission is to create a unique platform where we can express ourselves artistically whilst raising awareness for a subject matter that we hold dear to our hearts…

 We all wanted to be Superheroes when we were children. I fondly remember running around my house pretending I could fly and using my blanket as a cape. One thing that Superheroes have in common is the ability to save the day. To use their powers to make a difference to a person’s life. Several years ago I had my first experience as a Superhero. I visited an orphanage for the first time and I donated gifts to children on Christmas day. It was a rewarding experience in so many ways. When I returned home I sat down and thought about what more I could do to make a difference. The children I met simply needed attention and a smile from someone who cared. Attention and a smile from someone who was willing to give up their time to simply talk to them about how their day went.

Keeping children happy and safe during their most impressionable years is fundamental to the well-being of our planet. After all, no happy child grows up wishing to do wrong. This is why the profits from our shirts sales help to fund our own voluntary work whilst raising awareness to support children in need.

We want our brand to make a difference in raising awareness on how we can all do something to help children who are less fortunate. Whether you are donating, sponsoring, fostering or volunteering. Let’s all use our powers collectively to help children everywhere.

It’s been said many times that children are the future. In an increasingly uncertain world, this statement has never been more true. Come and join us!

6 ways you can get involved?

1. Do something heroic wearing one of our CharlieChina shirts and send us a photo! 2. Check out our blog and leave a comment. It’s always good to share opinions.

3. Have fun playing the CharlieChina game and send us your highest score for the chance to win a signed shirt.

4. Subscribe to CharlieChinaTV and become an artistic genius in no time. Learn to draw like a pro with our free art tutorial channel.

5. Take part in voluntary work with your local children’s charity. You won’t regret it.

6. Walk up to a stranger and wish them a great day!