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The woman on the bus

 Last week I made the reluctant decision to take the bus into work.
 Usually I prefer to take the train as it’s much quicker but I had much on my mind and I thought I would benefit from the extra thinking time.

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3 ways to stay young at heart

Age is nothing but a number. That is what my grandmother used to say when someone would ask her how old she was. I never had the chance to discover my grandmother’s real age. She did a very good job of keeping it a secret. “Granny, how old are you?” I would ask. “Oh would […]

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So you want to become an artist

So what does it take to become an artist?

A wonderful array of paintbrushes? Regular visits and a yearly membership to your local art gallery? Or perhaps you need a fancy name like Paul Van Smith or Leonardo da Linda? 

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Confidence. Such a beautiful word. Everyone seems to want it but few know what it takes to obtain it. I compare it to that feeling you get when you see that person on the train that you find attractive. The logical thing to do would be to walk up to that person and introduce yourself, […]

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